Meaning of go public in English:

go public


  • 1Become a public company.

    ‘the company's share price has nearly quadrupled since it went public’
    • ‘And not only are more money-losing companies going public, initial valuations can be distinctly frothy.’
    • ‘For others, it means going public and answering to shareholders.’
    • ‘There is the potential to grow rapidly, and if you do, getting bought out or going public are distinct possibilities.’
    • ‘Still, why would Seagate consider going public with tech valuations so low?’
    • ‘Similarly, we see lots of unformed companies go public at rather extraordinary valuations.’
    • ‘Absolutely everything was accelerated, from hiring to going public.’
    • ‘Also on the agenda will be how to accelerate sales of the government's stakes in public companies and allowing insurers to go public.’
    • ‘Other Irish agencies went public, and mergers and acquisitions abounded.’
    • ‘There will also be some franchises that ultimately will go public.’
    • ‘Investors don't get their money out until the partnership liquidates or goes public, which typically doesn't happen for 10 to 15 years.’
  • 2Reveal details about a previously private concern.

    ‘Bates went public with the news at a press conference’
    • ‘Over the past few days, since I went public with my complaints concerning the casino, I have been swamped with phone calls regarding the actions I took.’
    • ‘Coalition MPs were briefed at a special meeting called just before the Prime Minister went public with his plans to strengthen counter-terrorism laws.’
    • ‘And people are wondering why I went public with this!’
    • ‘Wilson, now retired, was so appalled at the administration's misuse of a discredited story that he went public with his information.’
    • ‘Recently, you went public with a very personal struggle that you had with eating disorders.’
    • ‘The couple went public with their relationship back in April.’
    • ‘He went public with his diagnosis of lung cancer last week.’
    • ‘But it picked up Lee's cause as soon as the government went public with its outrageous actions.’
    • ‘His ex-wife went public with her shocking health secret on this very show.’
    • ‘Let's see how this one runs, especially so shortly after the Cheif Constable went public with his suspicions!’