Meaning of go with in English:

go with

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phrasal verb

  • 1go with someone or somethingGive one's consent or agreement to a person or proposal.

    ‘The choice to go with the proposal seemed risky, so the NSNU board approved the first ad.’
    • ‘Even when I went on the program and I told him the truth he still decided to go with it.’
    • ‘Of course, the likelihood of success is vastly amplified if a partner goes with it.’
    • ‘I've had two weeks to decide whether or not to go with the mastectomy, but in the end the decision was easy’
    • ‘If it is allowed to go to the public, and if they decide to go with it, well and good.’
  • 2go with someoneHave a romantic or sexual relationship with someone.

    ‘he goes with other women’
    • ‘I had been engaged to this girl for eight months and I had been going with her for a couple of years.’
    • ‘Can you at least let word get out that in fact you are not going with The Junior?’
    • ‘I have been going with a guy for about a year and we moved in together two months ago.’
    • ‘She said a lesbian is an English word that means someone who goes with other women.’
    • ‘I don't agree with one-night stands but would rather do that then go with a prostitute.’