Meaning of go with a swing in English:

go with a swing


informal British
  • (of a party or other event) be lively and enjoyable.

    • ‘To make the party go with a swing, they have combined their efforts for a fundraising event.’
    • ‘The August Garden Party went with a swing, in perfect weather after a morning of downpours.’
    • ‘It's the morning after the night before, and your party clearly went with a swing.’
    • ‘Fairground, stilt-walkers and fun and games galore, not to mention a colossal supply of booze, means that the biggest free party in racing goes with a swing from long before noon.’
    • ‘The Golden Years Christmas party went with a swing on Friday in the community centre.’
    • ‘The committee had spared no effort in trying to make the village look its best and the entertainment and other functions went with a swing.’
    • ‘All this makes a jolly evening go with a swing.’
    • ‘There are no glittering curtains, he has no glamorous assistant, but with the aid of several members of the audience, he does all the dazzling that is needed to make an evening of magic go with a swing.’
    • ‘Making the summer go with a swing has been a scheme of note.’
    • ‘Staff who make the house-party atmosphere go with a swing are the biggest boon.’