Meaning of go with the flow in English:

go with the flow


  • Be relaxed and accept a situation, rather than trying to alter or control it.

    • ‘I've also done taking it easy and letting ‘my career’, such as it is, just kind of drift along, out of my control, going with the flow in a who-knows-what's around-the-corner kind of way.’
    • ‘So, it's far better to go with the flow, or rather the crawl.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be much of a movie if the main character simply went with the flow and accepted life's choices.’
    • ‘Rune herself had no idea what to do now, so she resolved to do the only thing she could in such a situation: go with the flow.’
    • ‘Don't worry or blame yourself for things out of your control - go with the flow.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's better to go with the flow rather than try and emulate something from a bygone era.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I knew that I had to go with the flow and accept the experience for what it was.’
    • ‘Depends on the situation - sometimes going with the flow is just easier.’
    • ‘At the same time, you may end up with images that are far from the truth… so I recommend just going with the flow and not prompting a situation.’
    • ‘I think it's better to go with the flow like a good river going to its destiny rather than trying to cause a stir.’
    • ‘I am aware of this effect of Isa and I do not panic, but like the force of nature, I yield and go with the flow.’
    • ‘As long as you are fit and are able to mentally tune in to the game and go with the flow, and adapt, it is fine.’
    • ‘Instead, he gets ever closer to his adversaries by simply going with the flow of events, reacting to each situation in which he finds himself.’
    • ‘So the next time a disembodied voice takes control of your television signal, just go with the flow and enjoy it.’
    • ‘Just go with the flow and you will be very quickly accepted as part of ‘the family’.’
    • ‘It was easier to go with the flow until I found out more about my situation.’
    • ‘I was really loving it being passed around the crowd having no control over anything, just having to go with the flow.’
    • ‘Well, for one thing, the old conservatism relied on tradition and history; it was cautious, slow and moderate; it went with the flow.’
    • ‘I went with the flow, and discovered simple delight in empathising with the fresh and heady Helen.’
    • ‘Unaccustomed as I was to local barbering practice I went with the flow.’