Meaning of goat's beard in English:

goat's beard


  • 1A Eurasian plant of the daisy family, with slender grasslike leaves, yellow flowers that close at about midday, and downy fruits which resemble those of a dandelion.

    Tragopogon pratensis, family Compositae

    ‘Where are the hats decorated with the goat's beard?’
    • ‘It is a larger relative of the common wild plant goat's beard, T. pratensis.’
    • ‘Use dwarf goat's beard in partial shaded rock gardens with hostas, toad lilies, tiarellas, and wildflowers.’
    • ‘This species of goat's beard is a Missouri native plant which occurs in moist woodlands and along bluffs in the central and southeast part of the State.’
    • ‘I planted a goat's beard this year under a walnut tree at the back of the garden.’
  • 2A plant of the rose family, with long plumes of white flowers, found in both Eurasia and North America.

    Aruncus dioicus, family Rosaceae


Mid 16th century translating Greek tragopōgon or Latin Barba Capri.