Meaning of goatee in English:


(also goatee beard)

Pronunciation /ɡəʊˈtiː/

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  • A small pointed beard like that of a goat.

    ‘Find out all of the latest trends in moustaches, beards, goatees, sideburns and soul patches.’
    • ‘With so many celebrities sporting moustaches, beards, goatees and soul spots, facial hair has never been more popular.’
    • ‘Carefully trimming, shaving and shaping one's facial hair can achieve a never-ending multitude of looks, such as handlebar moustaches, goatees and designer sideburns.’
    • ‘When guys shave off beards and goatees, their chin looks like it's had plastic surgery performed on it.’
    • ‘The theme park requires that the male performers cannot have goatees or beards.’
    • ‘It's not one of those baseball beards, the goatees that suddenly make middle-aged men think they look like ballplayers, but a real beard - the full kind that climbs down a man of winter's throat, untrimmed.’
    • ‘Does our tour really need goatees, mustaches, beards?’
    • ‘Women may have makeup but we have something natural; facial hair that can change our look for the better, with beards and goatees.’
    • ‘Make sure that the goatee remains neat and trimmed, and avoid imitating the father of all goatees - the goat himself.’
    • ‘I invaded the circle of light, speculated about their faces bristling with sideburns and goatees.’
    • ‘Facial hair - mustaches, goatees, sideburns are big.’
    • ‘The man is described as aged 18 to 20, of medium build, dark European or black, with short black hair and a goatee beard or moustache.’
    • ‘He has short black hair which is tight and curly, sideburns and a goatee beard.’
    • ‘Bernie fingered a sable goatee wistfully, then turned back to the budget beards.’
    • ‘He started off with a neat goatee but now dons a beard to get into character.’
    • ‘It was a tattered, ring-bound thing from the early seventies with a lurid photo of some hippy, with a goatee beard and two-foot long sideburns, sitting cross-legged on the cover.’
    • ‘In my first vid, I was very groomed, with the sideburns and the goatee.’
    • ‘Jazz fusion, you think of ponytails and goatees and all that.’
    • ‘Although a little outdated now, goatees are still go (terrible pun intended) for some guys - in particular, those with narrow faces, longer chins and an all over slightly unkempt look.’
    • ‘But the people there are so ‘hip’ and ‘cool’, what with their loud music and cool clothing, their goatees and low-cut skirts.’
    facial hair, whiskers, stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow, bristles


Early 19th century so named because of its resemblance to the tuft on a goat's chin.