Meaning of gobby in English:


adjectivegobbier, gobbiest

informal British
  • (of a person) tending to talk too loudly and in a blunt or opinionated way.

    • ‘a gobby Glaswegian’
    • ‘They did, however, get on well with the band, especially gobby bass player Nicky Wire.’
    • ‘I hope they either get back together or he resumes his normal obnoxious and gobby rantings soon.’
    • ‘At convent school, I was always untidy and gobby and got everything wrong.’
    • ‘They're sexy, they're gobby, they're pithy, they tell it like it is.’
    • ‘The laddie from The Lakes is known as a gobby upstart with a taste for the grim things in life.’
    • ‘Ginger and Scary were too gobby by far for most male tastes.’
    • ‘Some gobby kid had just ruined the mood!’
    • ‘Rees, a rugby nut, probably noticed that the larger-than-life, if gobby, pupil was developing a talent for sport.’
    • ‘But that didn't work - I instinctively chose the gobby lunatics, with the intention of making myself feel moderate, sensible and lovely.’
    • ‘My personality contains many ancestral traits, though now expressed in a cockney accent: I am gobby and sentimental.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the juxtaposition of gobby punk attitude alongside such a slavishly swotty excavation of rock'n'roll mythology that attracted attention.’
    • ‘For those of you who don't know the gobby Glaswegian here he is at his finest moment.’
    • ‘But then, in true Manc fashion, a gobby girl behind him shouted "Excuse me!"’
    • ‘Craig was gobby with plenty of people but then smaller lads generally are.’
    • ‘Their place in the pop tradition is I think affirmed, as is the fact that they were great songwriters, unlike many of their gobby peers.’
    • ‘He was ranting at the Porto manager, refusing to shake hands and shouting with that hideous gobby bit of chewing gum bobbling all over my nice widescreen.’
    • ‘He might have been slightly gobby, but is that what you get for being gobby now a good beating?’
    • ‘Didn't help himself with his gobby nonsense at Trent Bridge and is learning that Test cricket is a tough school.’
    • ‘While Goody did not win Big Brother 3, she was in the house long enough for her gobby nature and malapropisms to generate public affection.’
    talkative, loquacious, voluble, verbose, long-winded, chatty, chattery, chattering, gossipy, gossiping, babbling, blathering, prattling, prating, jabbering, gushing, effusive, expansive, forthcoming, conversational, communicative