Meaning of God's country in English:

God's country


(also God's own country)
  • An area or region supposedly favoured by God, especially the United States regarded in this way.

    ‘It is the laxity of the authorities which has led to such a situation in the God's own country.’
    • ‘Visitors sometimes ask if this is supposed to be God's country or something.’
    • ‘Of course, the irony was all the sharper because these events had taken place not simply in God's country, but at summer camp.’
    • ‘All this and much more is explained in Yorkshire Placenames, the latest in a series of books published by Dalesman celebrating all that is special about God's own country.’
    • ‘The Castleford-born writer, who emigrated to Canada 20 years ago, always sets his compelling crime novels in God's own country.’
    • ‘Even if the land issue is satisfactorily resolved, there is no guarantee that tribal dissent would vanish from this part of God's own country.’
    • ‘It's God's own country and I have had a special relationship and friendship with the people from the western counties over the years.’
    • ‘Enthralled by the green view of God's own country, she insists she will come again to take in the beauty of the backwaters.’
    • ‘Since Jane and I moved here all our friends from down south are keen to sample God's own country and Scotland's superb scenery.’
    • ‘Of course, it is inconceivable that these things should ever happen here in Oz, God's own country.’
    • ‘When used in cooking, as it happens in God's own country, there is a different taste liked by many.’
    • ‘This week Channel 4 begins a new series following eight families as they try to give it a go in God's own country.’
    • ‘I'm writing as a new resident of Epsom (from Essex) to state that I find it appalling the borough council is willing to spoil its environment by allowing a monstrosity of a mast to be placed in such a beautiful part of God's country.’
    • ‘Would you like to see a postcard of God's country?’
    • ‘Indeed, Prague is a fine city, the finest ever - except for Vancouver, which, I've been told, is God's country.’
    • ‘Fervent devotees of the Scottish game may question why players would have felt the need to leave God's country in the first instance.’
    • ‘If I am to believe the previous speaker, all is well in God's own country.’
    • ‘The dew made everything on the ground sparkle, and reaffirmed his belief that this was truly God's country.’
    • ‘Political art will amaze us all again, hopefully God's own country is the theme addressed by this year's prize winner, Jeremy Deller.’