Meaning of godown in English:



  • (in eastern Asia, especially India) a warehouse.

    ‘Those East End thoroughfares like East India Dock Road were full of commercial stores and warehouses and godowns.’
    • ‘He said the Federation had initiated a number of steps for construction of godowns and providing warehousing facilities to meet the demand for storage space.’
    • ‘The city's skyline was alight with fires rising from timber godowns and warehouses.’
    • ‘The investment cost can be retrieved by selling the buildings and godowns once the project is completed.’
    • ‘Random checks on departmental stores and godowns will bring the skeletons out of the cupboard.’
    repository, cache, store, storage place, storeroom, storehouse, warehouse, depot



/ˈɡəʊdaʊn/ /ɡəʊˈdaʊn/


Late 16th century from Portuguese gudão, from Tamil kiṭaṅku, Malayalam kiṭaṅṅu, or Kannada gadaṅgu ‘store, warehouse’.