Meaning of going concern in English:

going concern


  • A business that is operating and making a profit.

    ‘trying to sell the business as a going concern’
    • ‘The bank would have been justified in combining the accounts although the company's business was still a going concern at that time.’
    • ‘The receiver will now sell the company's food businesses as a going concern.’
    • ‘Offers of over €800,000 are sought for the business as a going concern.’
    • ‘It is understood that Fennell is trying to sell the business as a going concern.’
    • ‘The five companies are still going concerns, but Godick is the only finance chief in the bunch still in the same job.’
    • ‘He added that there was no proof that efforts had to be made to market the business as a going concern.’
    • ‘He also pointed out that signs of the economy picking up might ironically see more firms forced into receivership by banks, seeing a better chance of businesses being sold as going concerns in a stronger climate.’
    • ‘It will frequently only be possible to tell whether there has been a transfer of the business as a going concern after the deposit has been paid and completion has taken place.’
    • ‘A resolution was passed allowing its directors to be given the authority to sell the business as a going concern if necessary.’
    • ‘So what we're proposing to do is buy the business as a going concern.’
    • ‘However, the outfitters may close in the New Year if a buyer is not found to take on the business as a going concern.’
    • ‘We are also selling the childcare business as a going concern to the Christian Family Centre.’
    • ‘You should value the stock as if the corporation was sold as a going concern to the highest bidder in a hypothetical market.’
    • ‘The receiver will then sell those assets to recover the debt, and if a buyer can be found for the business, it could continue as a going concern.’
    • ‘Informed sources said they were hopeful that the company could be turned around as a going concern in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘While the company is a going concern, separate legal personality can be said to guarantee limited liability.’
    • ‘But the company denied the businessman was going to take the company on as a going concern and said he was interested only in buying equipment.’
    • ‘The values of the businesses as going concerns are yet to be assessed.’
    • ‘This would ensure the long-term interest of owners of going concerns.’
    • ‘If the company is bound by what was done when it was a going concern, then the liquidator is in no better position.’