Meaning of golf in English:


Pronunciation /ɡɒlf/

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  • 1mass noun A game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course.

    A golf course usually has 18 holes, each set in a smooth lawn (a green) separated from the others by stretches of smooth grass (fairways), rough ground, sand-filled bunkers, and other hazards. Various clubs are used to hit the ball from a tee toward the green and then putt it into the hole

    ‘A man was playing a game of golf, and on hole 16, he hit the ball right into a field of buttercups.’
    • ‘Another choice is a game of golf at either of the two nearby 18-hole courses.’
    • ‘You'll be able to watch live premiership games, basketball, golf, cricket, and all sorts.’
    • ‘He enjoys nothing more than going to school, playing golf and watching football games.’
    • ‘There are a lot of kids out there now in college golf and in high-school golf who hit the ball further than I do.’
    • ‘In his younger years he played in Haworth Band and also played golf at Riddlesden Golf Club.’
    • ‘Following the school visit, a friendly game of golf was played at the Eastern Star Golf Club.’
    • ‘Unlike a lot of other sports, golf is a game that can be enjoyed well into your senior years.’
    • ‘He loved above all the game of golf and he had many mates at the local club.’
    • ‘Ladies' club golf may be in decline overall, but the professional game is booming.’
    • ‘As we tiptoed around those final two holes, the thought occurred that, truly, golf is a great game.’
    • ‘Nothing is more important on a golf course than golf and there is no place for cellphones!’
    • ‘He became captain of the cricket club and Maldon Golf Club and continued playing golf into his 70s.’
    • ‘Dean looks forward to the day when he can walk out on the course and play the game of golf.’
    • ‘One of the scariest problems in golf is when the ball crazily turns to either the right or left.’
    • ‘It was my first game of golf in twenty-seven months and my eldest grandson Alan aged ten was my partner.’
    • ‘The flagstick is an important part of the game of golf and is covered by Rule 17 in the Rules of Golf.’
    • ‘Again, the redesigned facility will produce an area that you will enjoy after a tiring game of golf.’
    • ‘Practice is a very important part of the game of golf - just as it's an important part of any game.’
    • ‘He was revealed to have gone off for a game of golf at a time when he should have been engaged in important government negotiations.’
  • 2A code word representing the letter G, used in radio communication.


[no object]
  • Play golf.

    ‘he was a fixture at the golf club in Rockport, where he golfed until his early nineties’
    • ‘The idea behind pasture golf is golfing without all the pomp and circumstance.’
    • ‘The aim of the championship golf tournament is to promote youth golfing in the region.’
    • ‘He's pretty healthy, golfing almost every day, hanging out with his friends at night.’
    • ‘The local area also allows for golfing, distillery visits, hill-walking and pony trekking.’
    • ‘He enjoyed fishing and golfing, he spent many enjoyable hours with his grandchildren.’
    • ‘My Dad goes golfing and has a shandy in the clubhouse before arriving home at exactly 2pm for lunch.’
    • ‘I went golfing with my husband one time, and he told me I asked too many questions!’
    • ‘Jack's brother Arthur retired at the tender age of 76 two years ago to spend time golfing and fishing.’
    • ‘A lot of good scores were posted for the day as the weather stayed nice and comfortable for golfing.’
    • ‘There is also going to be some day trips and golfing and I can guarantee plenty of fun in the sun.’
    • ‘Gladstone agreed that golf-art collectors are people who golf or who know someone who golfs.’
    • ‘He plays pool well, he golfs well, and there's no question he bowled well.’
    • ‘Perhaps, for a spell, golfing became less relevant, but that kind of thing is to be expected.’
    • ‘None of my Austrian guests had ever golfed before, so a couple of days earlier we started with a few buckets of balls at the driving range, followed up by an indoor putting practice session on the carpet.’
    • ‘During Ralph's stay at Winchester his family moved from Essex to Norfolk, taking up residence in Weybourne, near Sheringham which was where the Fowlers golfed regularly.’
    • ‘I golfed pretty decently, though not nearly as good as Adam.’
    • ‘It's been months, if not a year since the last time I golfed.’
    • ‘I worked out with him when I got older, and we golfed together.’
    • ‘Our dads golfed together, our mothers shopped together and Max and I found friendship in each other.’
    • ‘Later he curled and golfed and took up playing pool when his illness prevented participation in other sports.’


Late Middle English (originally Scots): perhaps related to Dutch kolf ‘club, bat’, used as a term in several Dutch games; golf, however, is recorded before these games.