Meaning of goneburger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɒnbəːɡə/


informal New Zealand
  • Doomed to fail; finished.

    • ‘without government backing, the movies were goneburger’
    • ‘If the Maori Party can win all 7 seats, the centre left are goneburger.’
    • ‘We reckon he's goneburger; it's just a matter of when.’
    • ‘I'm guessing he is goneburger now, because his rival will be the next WWE world heavyweight champion of the woooorrrrlld!’
    • ‘Without it TV3 and Mediaworks, it would have been goneburger four years ago.’
    • ‘The old carrot and stick method of motivating people is pretty much goneburger.’
    • ‘By voting Labour they need the greens to govern and that is GONEBURGER.’
    • ‘If they keep him on, Labour is goneburger.’
    • ‘Big cars were goneburger - or so we thought.’
    • ‘It won't matter to me because I am goneburger anyway.’
    • ‘What if the test results come back and it turns out my ovaries are goneburger?’


informal New Zealand
  • A person or thing that is doomed to fail.

    • ‘if the election was later, he'd be a goneburger’
    • ‘He just doesnt get the fact that he has cocked up and he is a goneburger.’
    • ‘I can see him winning now by a small margin, but if it were in Feb he'd be a goneburger.’
    • ‘Yup, total Goneburger on six counts.’
    • ‘I didn't need my memory to know we were a goneburger.’
    • ‘Both New Zealand teams are goneburgers.’
    • ‘But in all honesty the Argentina team are goneburgers.’
    • ‘Which ever way we figure this out KG, we are goneburgers.’
    • ‘Looks like the Warriors are goneburgers.’
    • ‘There has been a trickle of terror but, by and large, the whole calamitous narrative is a goneburger.’
    • ‘ACTt, with 1% support and no hope of winning an electorate unless it's gifted one by National, is a goneburger according to these numbers.’


Early 21st century a fanciful expansion of goner.