Meaning of good manners in English:

good manners

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plural noun

  • Polite or well-bred social behaviour.

    ‘it's nice to meet a young man with such good manners’
    • ‘The pursuit of excellence should not be confused with good manners.’
    • ‘First, there is the question of good manners.’
    • ‘Yet in my opinion, little attention is paid by elementary education or parents to the forming of good manners.’
    • ‘Harriet, in her late 60s, flaunted only good manners.’
    • ‘He was a rather sweet child with remarkably good manners.’
    • ‘You've instructed them on good manners at home.’
    • ‘Whenever she was around Erik, good manners were lost to her.’
    • ‘Peter, for all his good manners, seems particularly dull.’
    • ‘Good manners were an essential part of our upbringing.’
    • ‘Good manners go a long way in any culture.’
    • ‘Good manners are of vital importance in the desert.’
    • ‘Having good manners yourself doesn't give you a licence to correct everyone else.’
    • ‘He once declared that his chief aim was to improve good manners throughout the school.’
    • ‘I believed, erroneously, that an appeal to good manners would win the day.’
    • ‘I want to use this occasion to praise you all for the good manners you showed in front of my protégés.’
    • ‘Jacqui stressed that most good manners make good sense.’
    • ‘Along with good manners, it pretty much expired politically in Canada this week.’
    • ‘Good manners always prevent anyone from hearing them.’
    • ‘He's very civilized and has very good manners.’
    • ‘He was placid and easy-going, with good manners.’