Meaning of good oil in English:

good oil


mass nouninformal Australian, New Zealand
  • Reliable information.

    • ‘she's got the good oil on the government's social agenda’
    • ‘the column will be back next week with more good oil’
    • ‘To get the good oil on why a supposedly 128 Kbps connection was providing such lousy performance, I contacted Andrew.’
    • ‘Anyone got the good oil on the skeletons some of these missing candidates presumably carry?’
    • ‘The game was to decide which, if any, of these variants was the good oil.’
    • ‘Can the Net help us get the good oil on what might be happening during the upcoming invasion?’
    • ‘It's a subject notoriously difficult to pin down, and she gets some of the good oil on it from Dr Houston.’
    • ‘You could read a summary in a newspaper, or you could get the good oil here.’
    • ‘His August 2 scoop held good, because he really did have the good oil on a done deal despite categorical denials.’
    • ‘A young woman beginning a law degree this month visited the air stations recently to 'get the good oil' on life as a navy lawyer.’
    • ‘I know I'm playing your emotions like a fiddle, but just to show there are no hard feelings, here's the good oil.’
    • ‘It's too smug to dismiss it all as sham, and too naïve to accept it all as the good oil.’