Meaning of goods train in English:

goods train


  • A train for carrying goods rather than people.

    ‘a goods train carrying iron ore derailed near the town’
    • ‘The locomotive ploughed head-on into the stationary goods train.’
    • ‘A long goods train chugged past - 60 bogeys pulled slowly along by an unwilling engine.’
    • ‘He promptly strolled over to the depot and hitched a ride home on the goods train.’
    • ‘The rail company chairman suggested metal fatigue in the tracks could have led to the derailment of the goods train.’
    • ‘A goods train rumbled slowly by on the opposite track.’
    • ‘More than 300 trains - including passenger shuttles, goods trains and Eurostar trains - use the Channel Tunnel every day.’
    • ‘For most of its life this railway thrived, with goods trains carrying coal, stock and wool and passenger railcars travelling both ways every day.’
    • ‘Goods trains move at night because during daytime the Swiss rail system is used to full capacity by passenger traffic.’
    • ‘As of mid 2011, it was decided to stop all goods train haulage due to severe shortage of locomotives and fuel.’
    • ‘To actually try and jump on a moving goods train is very reckless and i wouldn't recommend it.’