Meaning of goofy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡuːfi/

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adjectiveadjective goofier, adjective goofiest

  • 1mainly North American Foolish or harmlessly eccentric.

    • ‘His strange mannerisms and goofy asides are amusing, and he has a comedian's sensibility for wanting to keep the audience at home interested.’
    • ‘Funny links to goofy stories seem to be included now only to relieve the tension.’
    • ‘In fact, it seems a little rushed at first, but the time is well saved when we start to meet all the characters, and trot alongside this gentle love story full of poignant moments and goofy funny bits.’
    • ‘There's a goofy, non-sequitur nonsense to it all.’
    • ‘This man is not only hot and sexy, intelligent and wise, crazy and goofy, but he's also a completely giving person who thinks before he speaks and listens to more than what you say.’
    • ‘Along the way each team will run into wacky slapstick, encounter goofy characters, and bop to some very '80s rock and roll.’
    • ‘It's funny, it's goofy, it's more lightweight then a rice cake.’
    • ‘The ‘just thinking about a joke I heard’ excuse only works so many times to explain away the weird goofy smile on your face.’
    • ‘Oddly, he cannot run in human form, instead he walks with a strange, goofy prance of sorts, head and body tilted back, and led by his tiny feet.’
    • ‘His over abundance of cowboy enthusiasm is funny and goofy, a combination of Jack Palance from City Slickers and Jim Carrey.’
    • ‘His facial expression never changed from its goofy, surreal state.’
    • ‘Vocal tracks fare better, presenting skittish avant pop with goofy arrangements and nonsense lyrics.’
    • ‘For someone as serious as her, she sure was strange in a goofy way.’
    • ‘Basically, I'd look up things that I thought were funny or goofy, and take parts of the songs that I thought were good.’
    • ‘Tremors is unabashedly goofy nonsense, and I mean that in the very best sense.’
    • ‘The cast was goofy and funny while and the action plentiful and rollicking.’
    • ‘He laughed and told his father about the crazy foreigner making goofy faces.’
    • ‘Here is a film so silly, so goofy, and so funny that you just sit back and enjoy it for what it is: pure comedy.’
    • ‘Sometimes he would make weird and goofy faces at his opponents during the fight.’
    • ‘He had more of a mysterious look about him, but he was playful and goofy without being too crazy.’
    zany, madcap, offbeat, quirky, outlandish, eccentric, idiosyncratic, surreal, ridiculous, nonsensical, crazy, absurd, insane, far out, fantastic, bizarre, peculiar, weird, odd, strange, cranky, freakish
  • 2Having or displaying protruding or crooked front teeth.

    • ‘a goofy grin’
    • ‘June's picture was of several patients in a secure facility sitting with goofy grins in front of a television displaying a test pattern.’
    • ‘Audiences leap to their feet, they cheer, they sing, they stick on goofy ear-to-ear grins, and they all know they are privileged to be in the presence of greatness.’
    • ‘Brian threw the magazine in its brown paper bag, sideways like a Frisbee, to this other kid called Matt, who had goofy teeth and awful acne.’
    • ‘Chris looked innocent, an Abba fan with a well-shampooed moptop and a goofy grin.’
    • ‘Yeah, I saw it yesterday and had a big goofy grin on my face for about an hour afterwards.’
    • ‘I looked at Charlie and realized he had a big, goofy, proud grin.’
    • ‘He looked so handsome and innocent, just standing there with a stupid, goofy grin on his face.’
    • ‘But he smiled that goofy crooked smile and raised his eyebrows at me, and I hoisted myself out of the pool, running and giving him a crushing hug.’
    • ‘Whenever I think of that goofy crooked smile I feel warm and content.’
    • ‘The smells made her ravenous all of a sudden and so she quickly giggled and began to look over the menu, glancing up at Alexandre with a goofy grin as if she were a kid in a candy store.’
    • ‘I was leaning against the pole, trying to stay awake, when I noticed an old man watching at me with a goofy grin.’
    • ‘He studied us, two drippy guys with goofy grins.’
    • ‘Leaving the theater after seeing that movie is like leaving a venue after a great show, you have a big, goofy grin on your face that won't come off for hours.’
    • ‘He had the same dumbstruck look on his face for most of the movie, occasionally substituting the look of awe for a goofy grin.’
    • ‘I still have to wait another nine hours until I get to see his goofy grin and kiss his ears and smell his neck.’
    • ‘His smile, now, was quite goofy and Sam grinned.’
    • ‘Combine that with a soaring chorus complete with backing handclaps, and you have a hilariously engaging song that is destined to plaster a big, goofy grin on your face.’
    • ‘He is 46 going on 12, with the manic energy of a teenager and the goofy, almost cartoonish grin of someone who can't believe how great life is.’
    • ‘And he walked off, a goofy grin plastered on his face.’
    • ‘We just shot her goofy grins, like we always used to do when Carla acted like we were insane, and she giggled as we headed out of the store, my aunt Heather and my mom both carrying shopping bags from the store.’
    sticking out, jutting, jutting out, standing out, prominent, protuberant, proud, obtrusive
  • 3(in surfing and other board sports) having the right leg in front of the left on the board.

    • ‘The goofy footer belted the right-handers on his backhand, collecting two eight plus scores.’
    • ‘Hawaiian goofy footer Fred Patacchia said that if the surf is good, all the trialists have a chance to win.’
    • ‘The goofy footer looked completely at ease and together with fellow countrymen Mick Lowe and Parkinson, was one of only three from the top 10 to survive the day.’
    • ‘Neither found any great waves or big scores, but ‘Parko’ managed to maintain a slender lead over his goofy foot opponent.’
    • ‘This weekend the world will finally find out whether goofy footed or regular footed skateboarders reign supreme.’