Meaning of Google bomb in English:

Google bomb


  • An attempt to make a search term return a website for an unexpected person or organization when entered in a search engine (typically for satirical or humorous purposes) by the creation of numerous links to that website from pages including the search term.

    ‘police said the suspect confessed to writing a program to test his skills at creating a Google bomb’
    • ‘I knew that I'd seen this particular Google bomb before, but couldn't recall where.’
    • ‘The problem with search engines getting high Google rankings, and the problem with Google bombs, is that they are a response to the success of Google.’
    • ‘A Google bomb works by putting up hundreds of links to a particular URL and naming it after the search term that people type into the Google search engine.’
    • ‘News of the death of the Google bomb is greatly exaggerated.’
    • ‘Deconstructing Google bombs: A breach of symbolic power or just a goofy prank?’
    • ‘Typically Google bombs don't affect people looking for information.’
    • ‘A google bomb is a method for exploiting a loophole in Google's page ranking algorithm so that a particular web page appears at the top of Google rankings whenever a certain word or phrase is searched on.’
    • ‘At the same time, hundreds of Internet users are working on a "Google bomb" to embarrass the company.’
    • ‘I don't think she ever banned anyone, although the sysadmin did edit some posts in fear of a Google bomb.’
    • ‘Some Google bombs are carried off in the spirit of political pranks.’
    • ‘Other result-distorting Google bombs have involved corporations, religious groups, and private individuals.’
    • ‘Congratulations to Anthony, for inadvertently finding a Googlebomb of mass hilarity.’
    • ‘That Brandt had created this Googlebomb is no secret: he described how he did it in public forums, noting its progress.’
    • ‘They're proud of this, and they brag about their capacity to game Google with Googlebombs and other search-skewing play.’
    • ‘In order for the googlebomb to work, many independent bloggers have to conclude that a given googlebomb is relevant to his/her readership.’
    • ‘Googlebombs are certainly not a new phenomenon; in fact, in 2005 Google had released a statement dismissing the prank.’


Early 21st century from Google, the proprietary name of a popular internet search engine, + bomb.