Meaning of goonda in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡuːndə/


  • A violent, aggressive person who is hired to intimidate or harm people.

    ‘the unbridled goondas roughed up the peasants and murdered them very often’
    • ‘He says first he was offered a blank cheque, then goondas came to his home at night.’
    • ‘People are afraid to go to cinemas with family due to the ever-increasing presence of hooligans and goondas.’
    • ‘It proves that the so-called forty terrorists were not a collection of goondas, murderers or robbers, as was made out by the government.’
    • ‘A literate, enlightened people will not allow goondas to rule them.’
    • ‘In the fateful evening when he was returning from his office, he was caught by a group of goondas and taken away to a deserted place.’


From Hindi guṇḍā ‘rascal’.