Meaning of gormless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡɔːmləs/

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informal British
  • Lacking sense or initiative; foolish.

    • ‘a constantly grinning, rather gormless boy’
    • ‘Of course when our hero arrives at the abandoned post-office, waiting for him will be an old man and a gormless boy.’
    • ‘To academic historians they were ‘mere entertainment’ - just mindless pap for gormless morons.’
    • ‘And to top it all off, we end up with a gormless and ridiculous gaze into the sunset.’
    • ‘He looked so gormless though, with that big brown mark on his face.’
    • ‘Vent your rage at the gormless fools we have stupidly elected.’
    • ‘He looked around in annoyance at being brought back to reality; a plump, gormless looking boy stood in the doorway.’
    • ‘Best known in the UK for his role as Phoebe's gormless younger brother, he has been acting since he was 10.’
    • ‘Shawn, the bridegroom, is played as a gormless buffoon; the real comedy of the earnest, strait-laced coward goes for nothing.’
    • ‘Although there are practical concerns regarding Europe's declining fertility rate, there are bigger concerns that useless people will only raise gormless children.’
    • ‘Perhaps that's the legacy of being the frontman, spending your early teens grinning good-naturedly on gormless kids' TV shows and in gormless pop magazines.’
    • ‘Whenever the ball is up at the other end of the pitch, you should consolidate this position by standing stock still and staring into space, with a vacant, slightly gormless expression.’
    • ‘It makes a pleasant change to be able to find a parking space with reasonable ease and to see all the way from one end of the supermarket to the other without my view being blocked by gormless people looking for bargains.’
    • ‘On the downside, Frederick and I agreed that the food was lousy and the staff were generally gormless, but the quality of the attractions is adequate compensation.’
    • ‘But both involved the man in question actually exposing himself to some small amount of danger, even if we, the gormless public, thought it was vastly more.’
    • ‘Well, they're lazy, adolescent, and a bit gormless.’
    • ‘We just hope he's got it right, since it is abundantly obvious that this gormless trio will just go on doing as they are told even if to the eye of a professional builder, it is patently stupid.’
    • ‘Lee is full of adolescent pride - gawky, gormless and increasingly angry.’
    • ‘I can't bear the gormless chatter of the news presenters at any time.’
    • ‘He comes unstuck at the curtain call, where his lack of training shows in a grinning, gormless bow from the waist.’
    stupid, silly, idiotic, half-witted, witless, brainless, mindless, thoughtless, imprudent, incautious, irresponsible, injudicious, indiscreet, unwise, unintelligent, unreasonable


Mid 18th century (originally as gaumless): from dialect gaum ‘understanding’ (from Old Norse gaumr ‘care, heed’) + -less.