Meaning of government-funded in English:



  • Paid for using money provided by a country's government.

    ‘a government-funded project to connect communities to superfast broadband’
    • ‘It's absolutely essential that we have government-funded research, and most of the important research comes from the U.S.’
    • ‘Keeping government interference to a minimum is essential for most state agencies or government-funded associations.’
    • ‘What's more, no fix has been proposed for the gaps among government-funded pensions.’
    • ‘We are privileged to have a government-funded subsidy system.’
    • ‘Many government-funded welfare agencies evolved from voluntary service organisations.’
    • ‘They grew out of technical environments that, typically, were government-funded.’
    • ‘Those who had to depend on government-funded housing were placed on long waiting lists.’
    • ‘And economics will drive innovation in a way that no government-funded program can.’
    • ‘Most higher education in Canada is government-funded.’
    • ‘The Government-funded organisation was set up to achieve specific goals, and has a life span that ends in June next year.’