Meaning of government corporation in English:

government corporation


  • A large organization created by a country's government to carry out commercial activities.

    ‘the largest government corporation is the US Postal Service’
    • ‘The preserve is operated by a trust - a government corporation administered by a nine-member board.’
    • ‘To a very large extent the BBC is a government corporation albeit at a couple of steps removed.’
    • ‘Most government corporations here have accumulated huge losses, their net worth is mostly negative.’
    • ‘Many government corporations have financed projects with loans from the postal savings system.’
    • ‘There are as many types of bus crew as there are buses, private or run by government corporations.’
    • ‘Such a government corporation would have the authority to float bonds for investments, just as a privately owned corporation would.’
    • ‘Members of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on Thursday grilled officials of government corporations.’
    • ‘The minister claims he cannot direct the semi-autonomous Government corporation to change prices.’
    • ‘Even so, I'm not surprised that some stakeholders incline toward the government corporation model.’
    • ‘Railway Recruitment Board is a government corporation of India which serves Indian Railway Staff Recruitment and Selection process.’