Meaning of government employee in English:

government employee


  • A person who works for the state.

    ‘government employees who leak secret information could face up to 10 years in prison’
    • ‘The biggest cause of the deficit is the state pensions, especially the wage-related ones, which are paid to former government employees.’
    • ‘Some jobs are esteemed more than others, such as lawyers and federal government employees.’
    • ‘My father, who is recently deceased, lived and worked as a government employee in the North for 66 years.’
    • ‘Increases were noteworthy for social security, veterans' benefits, and especially government employee retirement benefits.’
    • ‘National income currently includes approximately $1028 billion of wages and salaries paid to government employees.’
    • ‘He is the first foreigner employed as a government employee in the booming east Chinese province of Zhejiang.’
    • ‘The idea of Government employees snooping through people's private records is one that will cause alarm.’
    • ‘However, student protests and strikes by government employees show that people are still unhappy with the country's weak economy.’
    • ‘State and local government employees, who previously were able to opt out of Social Security, no longer could as of April 20, 1983.’
    • ‘As a government employee with no outside income, he has to survive on his salary, the usual 200 to 300 pesos a month.’
    • ‘I've always worked in policy research - initially as a municipal government employee.’