Meaning of government official in English:

government official


  • An official who works for a government department.

    ‘government officials declared a state of emergency due to water contamination’
    • ‘The whole scandal of their relationship with corrupt government officials would be exposed.’
    • ‘The son of a government official, he learnt music from an early age.’
    • ‘New genetically modified foods must be tested on people if the public is going to be protected, say government officials and scientists.’
    • ‘U.S. and Brazilian government officials have pledged to conduct a joint research project to develop means to control the A. aegypti mosquito.’
    • ‘His father was a senior government official.’
    • ‘Top government officials also supported the concept.’
    • ‘The company also has agreed to pay $1.5 million in penalties for bribing a government official.’
    • ‘We also have been in close touch with the appropriate government officials about our efforts and theirs to protect the food supply.’
    • ‘Ferrara has demonstrated how artists can work with local government officials and the private sector to everyone's benefit.’
    • ‘He also appreciated how everyone in the host country - from the importers to the government officials - extended their welcome to U.S. businesses.’