Meaning of government paper in English:

government paper

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mass noun
  • Bonds or other promissory certificates issued by the government.

    ‘I believe they will flock to short and medium term government paper and the US bond market should see an astounding rally, at least for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘As on May 30, 2003, around 36 per cent of the debt portfolio was invested in government paper and 38 per cent in AAA debt securities.’
    • ‘Government regulators obliged funds to invest two-thirds of their assets in government paper, which was deemed a safe investment.’
    • ‘Managing government paper in this way is also an accepted practice in capital markets as well as, to a lesser extent, in money markets.’
    • ‘Buying these low-interest bonds and other government paper reduces banks' liquidity, and if they do not have sufficient funds the central bank will provide them with bridging funds.’
    • ‘How do communities create a medium of exchange when government paper becomes worthless?’
    • ‘Above all, a fundamental law must be understood: that an increase in the supply of government paper money cannot - never, ever - increase social wealth.’
    • ‘Wealthy Americans have long invested a good part of their assets in government paper precisely because it is the safest investment to be had.’