Meaning of government securities in English:

government securities

plural noun

another term for government paper
‘However, Poland and Hungary did manage to meet their budget financing requirements by issuing government securities.’
  • ‘The institution would fund its operations with earnings from the government securities on its balance sheet.’
  • ‘When the central bank buys these government securities, it puts money in the hands of the public.’
  • ‘Someone who is in his or her sixties, on the other hand, will have a higher concentration of investments with guaranteed rates of return such as certificate of deposits or government securities.’
  • ‘Another class of money market funds purchases both U.S. government securities and investments in various government-sponsored enterprises.’
  • ‘Today the principal element, quantitatively, among the earning assets of banks is government securities.’
  • ‘Historically, government securities have earned only 1% to 2% above inflation.’
  • ‘The central bank auctions government securities on behalf of the Finance Ministry.’
  • ‘As a result, corporate liquid assets - things like cash and government securities - are up by over $100 billion over the past year.’
  • ‘Some kinds of investments that may have high yields, such as government securities, require a relatively high minimum investment and so are unavailable to most people in developing countries.’
  • ‘He promised that regulators will make sure that foreign companies abide by the same rules as American outfits, especially when U.S. government securities are involved.’
  • ‘More recently the Bank of England auctioned off more than half of her gold reserves at record low prices, to replace it with U.S. government securities at record high prices.’
  • ‘Implement moderately expansionary fiscal policy, facilitate structural adjustment, and issue more government securities to increase fiscal revenue.’
  • ‘During the past year and a half, China bought more than $100 billion in U.S. government securities.’
  • ‘The funds were invested in stocks and government securities.’
  • ‘Overall, the effective rate shows a reasonably close correlation to the rates on other government securities.’
  • ‘Just look at what's happening to the prices of longer-dated government securities.’
  • ‘As a result banks have become risk averse tying up more than three-quarters of their balance sheets in government securities.’
  • ‘Conversely, when a central bank sells government securities the money supply contracts.’
  • ‘Although no limit was imposed on the issue volume, they were forbidden to make loans guaranteed by their own shares, or to overdraw or negotiate in government securities.’