Meaning of governmental in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɡʌv(ə)nˈmɛnt(ə)l/

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  • Relating to or denoting the government of a country or state.

    ‘a governmental agency’
    • ‘governmental intervention in the economy’
    • ‘He had worked for the governmental agency responsible for all the construction on the river.’
    • ‘The Department of Justice is not the only governmental authority inquiring into tasers.’
    • ‘The first half of the 1990s was a time of great change in governmental policy towards transportation.’
    • ‘Many of the events are organised by governmental officials and ministers.’
    • ‘In both cases, governmental support for the schemes has been tremendous.’
    • ‘Does this type of work sound inherently governmental or work to be privatized?’
    • ‘Such organizations may be governmental, private businesses, or non-profit agencies.’
    • ‘Flag ceremonies take place once a week at all governmental offices.’
    • ‘The main casualty in all of this is the integrity of the governmental process.’
    • ‘Political economists are in general quite suspicious of governmental intervention.’