Meaning of grace and favour in English:

grace and favour



British attributive
  • Denoting accommodation occupied free or at a low rent by permission of a sovereign or government.

    ‘his mother was given a grace and favour apartment in Hampton Court Palace’
    • ‘No other Scottish ministers benefit from a grace and favour apartment in London, and have to pay for accommodation in the capital out of their own pocket.’
    • ‘The aide, known as ‘Fawcett the Fence’, will also receive financial help to stay in his grace and favour West London house.’
    • ‘He is criticised for spending £13,000 of taxpayers money on new carpets for his grace and favour London flat.’
    • ‘He lives in an 18th century grace and favour apartment in Admiralty Arch in Whitehall and has the use of a 214-acre official country residence at Dorneywood, Buckinghamshire.’
    • ‘The reason Greenfield seems so at home among Brown's pampered clientele is because she is staying here while her grace and favour apartment above the Royal Institution is refurbished.’
    • ‘But he hasn't been so quick to give back his posh grace and favour London flat owned by the union.’
    • ‘March 25, 2005 marks the opening of Suffragettes, Soldiers and Servants, a behind the scenes look at the lives of grace and favour residents at Hampton Court Palace from 1750 to 1950.’
    • ‘But there was concern last night at the way senior Cabinet Ministers were still able to apply for up to £20,902 a year to cover rent or mortgage on a second property when they also get ministerial grace and favour homes.’
    • ‘He is under fire for not paying council tax on either of his grace and favour residences.’
    • ‘Yesterday, it also emerged that Wark and her husband have twice stayed overnight at McConnell's grace and favour residence, Bute House in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘He points out that he is still living in the Home Secretary's grace and favour flat in central London, despite his resignation.’
    • ‘He had Wark and Clements and their children to stay the night at Bute House, his grand grace and favour residence, before the year was out.’