Meaning of gracefully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪsf(ə)li/

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  • 1In an attractively elegant way.

    ‘the boat glides gracefully through the water’
    • ‘he has aged gracefully’
    • ‘The design team replaced the hard-edged walls of the existing building with gracefully curved walls in the main corridor.’
    • ‘Averaging a speed of 35 kph, the Skytrain gracefully sweeps over the traffic below, which rarely exceeds 14 kph.’
    • ‘Formal pedestrian promenades along either side are gracefully paralleled by double rows of live oak trees.’
    • ‘You were coming down off the stage and I rushed over to you. You said you were fine and descended gracefully on your own.’
    • ‘She was a stunning vision of loveliness, gracefully descending a golden staircase to wind up facing her handsome young man on the most important day of their lives.’
    • ‘He enjoyed watching how she ate, so very gracefully and elegantly.’
    • ‘Well, I certainly hope I'm aging gracefully.’
    • ‘They glide gracefully through the air currents; masters of flight.’
    • ‘She found a chair and gracefully draped herself around it.’
    • ‘He looked to where Jane indicated and saw a very pretty young girl dressed in green, dancing gracefully with an admiring partner.’
    1. 1.1In a respectful and dignified way.
      ‘I will gracefully bow out of the discussion’
      • ‘The people gracefully accept their fate.’
      • ‘Nobody could force him to become a public figure or gracefully receive the applause of the world.’
      • ‘The camera withdraws gracefully as Elena disrobes.’
      • ‘When he bought the business his father did not step aside gracefully.’
      • ‘We answered the question as best we could - I think we answered it gracefully - and the audience applauded.’
      • ‘Desperately looking for a way to gracefully bow out of the tour, he was handed an opportunity at the end of the 1998 season.’
      • ‘Clara would gracefully surrender her own feelings for the greater good of her niece.’
      • ‘We had tried and tried and tried to get more support, but it wasn't to be so I will have to retire gracefully.’
      • ‘How does one gracefully exit a forced friendship without hurting feelings?’
      • ‘There were columns being written by noted pundits, saying that she ought to gracefully withdraw.’