Meaning of graciously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪʃəsli/

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  • In a courteous, kind, and pleasant manner.

    ‘he smiled graciously’
    • ‘Helen graciously accepted the award’
    • ‘She speaks no English, but nonetheless welcomes Edna into her building openly and graciously after speaking with Robert.’
    • ‘She has been exceedingly helpful throughout, making photographs available and graciously submitting to an interview.’
    • ‘Confident and highly motivated, she graciously shares her expertise with budding filmmakers.’
    • ‘After riding through grim landscapes in wintry weather, on Christmas Eve Gawain comes upon a beautiful castle where he is graciously received.’
    • ‘Liz graciously posed for pictures with my chiropractor and his wife.’
    • ‘She had graciously accepted the fact she wasn't a leading lady anymore and worked hard to become a fine character actress.’
    • ‘He graciously agreed to pick up my medication and bring it to my place of residence.’
    • ‘He accepts Walter's decision as he accepts everything that life chucks at him - graciously, with a small, sad smile.’
    • ‘I had talked to Francis a couple of times over the years, and he always very graciously invited me to call him if I ever needed advice.’
    • ‘You must accept her decision graciously.’