Meaning of grad in English:


Pronunciation /ɡrad/

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  • short for graduate

    • ‘Most trips are geared toward high-schoolers, but others cater to college students or recent grads.’
    • ‘Many of the older teammates, some of which are Ivy League students or grads, act as her pseudo teacher’
    • ‘Has the company recruited heavily on your college campus for grads with your specific experience?’
    • ‘I often lecture to young people, college grads, usually on military topics.’
    • ‘They graduate and split, leaving us with among the lowest rates of university grads aged 25 to 34.’
    • ‘Besides, women are now university grads and hold top executive positions and can afford to provide their needs and wants.’
    • ‘For some reason, squeaky-clean Ivy League grads don't always make great case officers.’
    • ‘In focus groups, most college grads said they give no thought to federal employment when considering career paths.’
    • ‘Female college grads are more likely to put their money in investment products than those who graduated from high school.’
    • ‘Many new college grads are uncertain about what careers to pursue.’
    • ‘College grads spend well above average on alcohol, entertainment, personal care and food away from home.’
    • ‘Many recent college grads fear that what they've learned won't be enough for the people with hiring power.’
    • ‘High-tech companies have increased their number and a lot of new college grads are seeking to join their ranks.’
    • ‘The players themselves, the recent college grads and drop-outs, have no idea and no influence over where they will land their first jobs.’
    • ‘The mean earnings of young women college grads are now nearly equal to those of men.’
    • ‘It's a different atmosphere with the undergrads gone, and my fellow grads slipping one by one onto flights home.’
    • ‘Alex also has a degree from St Mary's University College and is now studying for his post grad in sports bioathletics.’
    • ‘With two students to a room, the 50 grads will have more room for their research than they did in their previous cramped offices across campus.’
    • ‘But more business doctoral grads are entering private industry rather than academia.’
    • ‘Next year, Isabel, along with her fellow grads, plans to start her career as a teacher at Nuiyak School.’