Meaning of grade book in English:

grade book


mainly North American
  • A book in which marks for a student's work are recorded.

    ‘teachers were asked to provide copies of grade books and lesson plans’
    • ‘his high school grade book is dotted with 'excellent' marks’
    • ‘But the only source of information I had about the student was my grade book.’
    • ‘Grades are automatically recorded and transferred to the course grade book.’
    • ‘She went up to the teacher's desk, where Mr. Collins sat shuffling through papers and writing grades in his grade book.’
    • ‘If I've graded 150 assignments, why can't somebody else enter them into the grade book and add up the grades?’
    • ‘She'd show the parent the grade book, explain that there were ten assignments, and Johhny had done two, so, of course, his current average is an "F."’
    • ‘A high school math teacher whose grade book was altered over the summer without his knowledge was placed on paid leave Tuesday.’
    • ‘You save time by only creating one assignment, grading one assignment and entering one assignment into the grade book.’
    • ‘At his midterm conference with his teacher, he worried when he saw zeroes in the grade book - even though they were only placeholders for work he eventually would make up.’
    • ‘Now you have 10 hours of work ahead of you, sleep deprivation, and a B- waiting for you in the grade book, if you're lucky.’
    • ‘Complete grade books, final grade sheets, learning assessments and final exam assessments on a timely basis.’
    • ‘Muhammad saved one of his elementary grade books that shows he consistently ranked as the top student out of a class of as many as 70.’