Meaning of grade school in English:

grade school


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North American
  • An elementary school.

    ‘From grade school to high school, learn where money comes from, how to save, and the power of credit.’
    • ‘He threatened teachers all the way from grade school up into high school.’
    • ‘In all of grade school and high school, I had only one male teacher, although I liked him.’
    • ‘Measures to change grade school and high school cafeteria menus are certainly called for.’
    • ‘When I was in high school and grade school, however, I enjoyed being made the leader.’
    • ‘He looked a bit like he ought to be in grade school rather than in high school.’
    • ‘Dan had become an engineer and Leah ended up becoming a grade school teacher.’
    • ‘Throughout grade school we were often treated to filmstrips of picture books.’
    • ‘I've known Tori forever, not only is she my next door neighbor but we went to the same grade school.’
    • ‘You have people coming out of secondary schools, who are not qualified to graduate from grade school!’
    • ‘She's graduating grade school this year as one of the top students in her class.’
    • ‘Even the teachers at grade school praised him for his perseverance and diligence.’
    • ‘It should be noted that English is one of the official languages of India and is taught formally from grade school to university.’
    • ‘Preparation of children for grade school as well as higher education takes a place of great importance.’
    • ‘I was in grade school at the time, and fortunately had a teacher who forced us to read biographies.’
    • ‘High school students can do a more detailed analysis than students in grade school.’
    • ‘Kelly didn't know half of the people in their grade, and she'd gone to grade school with them.’
    • ‘Darcy and Alex have been friends since grade school, and some how still are.’
    • ‘Passing notes to indicate you like somebody is generally frowned upon once you leave grade school.’
    • ‘I explained that Susan had it in for me since grade school and she was just making up stories to get everyone to hate me.’