Meaning of graduate profession in English:

graduate profession


  • A profession that requires a university or college degree.

    ‘figures show pay is lagging behind that of other graduate professions’
    • ‘The former teacher told delegates at the National Union of Teachers' annual conference that teaching should remain a graduate profession.’
    • ‘Nurses desiring increased status and greater parity with doctors sought to transform their training into a graduate profession.’
    • ‘He believes that children will suffer unless teaching remains a graduate profession.’
    • ‘Examples of acceptable work experience might include experience in graduate professions such as nursing, social work, teaching, and occupational therapy.’
    • ‘The figures show that teaching is now an almost entirely graduate profession, with 96% holding degrees.’
    • ‘"They were perplexed as to why I didn't stick to traditional graduate professions," says Ms Hall, who graduated in fashion design five years ago.’
    • ‘In Scotland teaching is an all-graduate profession, as it could have been in England had the politicians not decided against it.’
    • ‘I would suggest that as nursing has moved to an all-graduate profession, having the ability to acquire new knowledge is a skill we all have.’
    • ‘At one time it was held that solicitors should be better educated than before, and the profession was deemed to be one which should be an all-graduate profession.’