Meaning of grain alcohol in English:

grain alcohol


mass noun
  • Ethanol made by the fermentation of grain.

    ‘advocaat is a liqueur made of grain alcohol, vanilla, eggs, milk, and sugar’
    • ‘The Model T Ford ran just fine on grain alcohol.’
    • ‘The grain alcohol is used in gasoline, which helps to bring down the price at the pump.’
    • ‘Long-haul truckers who ferry supplies to the plant can find lodging, a lamb dinner and Baijiu - a fierce, clear grain alcohol.’
    • ‘The men were cleaning a fermentation tank in an area of the plant used to make grain alcohol, also called ethanol, Fire Department officials said.’
    • ‘He told detectives he saw one of his fraternity brothers walking around the fire with a bottle of grain alcohol.’
    • ‘Any of those cars at the show run on hydrogen, electricity, compressed natural gas, methanol or grain alcohol?’
    • ‘The liqueur is made with grain alcohol cut with water, with lemon zest and sugar.’
    • ‘The grain alcohol burns cleaner than gasoline but produces less energy.’
    • ‘The water in the substance can be replaced by vodka or pure grain alcohol and flavors are also added to the mixture.’
    • ‘The place didn't have a liquor license, but they did serve liquor to friends-usually grain alcohol.’