Meaning of graininess in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪnɪnəs/


See grainy

‘Lobster Risotto proves very, very soft, but with a hint of graininess in the background, and chopped mushrooms in the mix.’
  • ‘The lift doors closed, and the young black man reached into his jacket and pulled out something small and dark that I could not recognise at first because of the graininess of the video.’
  • ‘Photos are sharp and, though close inspection reveals slight graininess, clarity and tones are more than adequate for handing round holiday snaps among friends.’
  • ‘The film has a kind of dirty graininess, too, and a camera that can't keep still for a moment.’
  • ‘With some of the older material, an extremely critical eye could pick up some graininess in areas of darker color, but as a whole, the picture quality was good and the flesh tones were true.’