Main meanings of grammy in English

: grammy1Grammy2


Pronunciation /ˈɡrami/

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nounplural noun grammies

(also grammie)
informal US
  • A person's grandmother.

    • ‘this recipe came from my grammy’
    grandma, granny

Main meanings of Grammy in English

: grammy1Grammy2


Pronunciation /ˈɡrami/

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nounplural noun Grammys, plural noun Grammies

  • Each of a number of annual awards given by the American National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for achievement in the record industry.

    ‘In February 1997, the album won a American Grammy Award as Best Musical Show Album.’
    • ‘He left the club in May last year to form his band Dirty Vegas and has just picked up a Grammy, the American music industry's equivalent of an Oscar.’
    • ‘She won five, tying a record for most Grammys by a Female Writer.’
    • ‘His 1982 album ‘Thriller’ won a record eight Grammies and is the best selling album of all time.’
    • ‘Ruben is up for a Grammy.’
    • ‘It's been 20 years since Hay's band won the Grammy award for Best New Artist, and he's kept busy since.’
    • ‘Narrowly missing out on a Grammy award, Wait For Me doesn't sound too much like the blues I was brought up with.’
    • ‘But the Grammys she won personally weren't the only awards Jones brought home for this album.’
    • ‘On top of their Grammy they've won three Great British Country Music Awards and two Dutch Country Music Awards.’
    • ‘It also turns out it's the first time a recording financed for a commercial has been nominated for a Grammy.’
    • ‘He's won the standard accolades - you know, Grammys, Hall of Fame, and just about everyone can name one of his songs.’
    • ‘Picking up a Grammy last year for the Americana album of the year was recognition of successes he has achieved with his wife Julie.’
    • ‘He recently won his fifth Grammy award following the release of Mambo Birdland.’
    • ‘She has sold over 25 million records worldwide and won three Grammys.’
    • ‘Short performed often at the White House and won three Grammys.’
    • ‘These people will never win Emmys, Grammys, Oscars or knighthoods because their work fits outside of the acceptable social code.’


1950s blend of gramophone and Emmy.