Meaning of granary bread in English:

granary bread


mass noun Trademark ; British
  • A type of brown bread containing whole grains of wheat.

    ‘Use slices on pumpernickel or granary bread with horseradish, on crostini or in salads.’
    • ‘I had ended up with two large bottles of water, four Granny Smiths, a loaf of granary bread and a jar of lemon curd.’
    • ‘I'll pop down the bakery and get some granary bread.’
    • ‘Instead of plain white or granary bread, passengers will be offered olive and pepper, poppy seed or tomato breads, with up to 10 different fillings, including a vegetarian option.’
    • ‘She chose a salmon, cream cheese and prawn sandwich in granary bread and said it was excellent.’
    • ‘Toast the bread until lightly browned and spread with the butter or margarine. Spoon the prawns over one slice of granary bread and place another slice of toast on top.’
    • ‘Marinated in Cajun spices and olive oil, pan-fired, it was served on toasted granary bread, topped with guacamole, and a mixed salad.’
    • ‘My starter of home-made broccoli and cauliflower soup was excellently creamy, and came with two wedges of granary bread.’
    • ‘My very favourite cheese on toast recipe: Couple of slices of thick granary bread.’
    • ‘I must be mad; I had spicy dahl and carrot soup with granary bread for my lunch today.’
    • ‘Alternatively, take your own rye or granary bread and buy a salad to eat with it.’
    • ‘Lunch usually consists of soup and granary bread.’