Meaning of grand-uncle in English:


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another term for great-uncle
‘And my grand-uncles had a gospel quartet that would sing at church and community events.’
  • ‘Celebrants were Fr Joe Kennedy, a grand-uncle of Caroline, and Fr Sean Stokes, a relation of the groom.’
  • ‘The last member of the family who was involved in politics was my grand-uncle Joe Delaney, back in the 30s.’
  • ‘Like his grand-uncle Frank, young Mark dreamed of being a fighter pilot with the RAF.’
  • ‘His father, his grandfather and his grand-uncles had all served as squaddies in the Crown forces.’
  • ‘I recently inherited a quaint English cottage in Sussex between Eastbourne and Pevensey that was once owned by my great grand-uncle on my mother's side.’
  • ‘Except for a grand-uncle who had painted frescoes in a church, nobody in his family had any connections to art.’
  • ‘The editor and owner of the paper then was John Galvin, the grand-uncle of the current owner, also John Galvin.’