Meaning of Grand Guignol in English:

Grand Guignol

Pronunciation /ˌɡrɒ̃ ɡiːˈnjɒl/ /ɡʀɑ̃ ɡiɲɔl/


  • A dramatic entertainment of a sensational or horrific nature, originally a sequence of short pieces as performed at the Grand Guignol theatre in Paris.

    ‘The result was a Grand Guignol operetta chock full of hissable villains, throat slashings, and narrow escapes, but also a commentary on the inherent evil of society.’
    • ‘The outcome is a Grand Guignol climax of jealous revenge.’
    • ‘Sure it was a Grand Guignol of grindhouse violence, but ‘Bill’ is an elegantly structured work of B movie genius.’
    • ‘All the characters in some way had a Grand Guignol version of themselves.’


French, literally ‘Great Punch’.