Meaning of grand trine in English:

grand trine


  • An arrangement of three planets in which each planet is in trine with the other two, forming an equilateral triangle.

    ‘Moreover five of the charts had one of these three in Scorpio while the couple that did not have any planet in Scorpio, both had a grand trine between Mars, Saturn and Pluto.’
    • ‘Your Venus in Virgo also is involved in a grand trine with Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Taurus.’
    • ‘They all fall under the rulership of Venus, which in this chart is grounded in earth and tied into a grand trine involving angular Mars and Saturn.’
    • ‘Of course, if you want to epitomise the spirit of revolution, its always best to be born with Uranus angular, in a powerful grand trine with fanatical Pluto and your ascendant-ruler Mars.’