Meaning of grandchild in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡran(d)tʃʌɪld/

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nounplural noun grandchildren

  • A child of one's son or daughter.

    ‘They have one daughter and two grandchildren, who now live at their old farmhouse in South Cerney.’
    • ‘The film crew came out last week to my house and filmed me and the family, my three daughters and grandchildren.’
    • ‘Six decades, three daughters and six grandchildren later, they remain as happy as ever.’
    • ‘Mr Davies is divorced, with a son, daughter and four grandchildren who he has never met.’
    • ‘Later in life, Jan enjoyed spending time with her four grandchildren and one step grandchild.’
    • ‘He was widowed four years ago and has four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.’
    • ‘Mr and Mrs Gill have three sons and a daughter, as well as six grandchildren.’
    • ‘I ran across to my daughter-in-law to look after my grandchild and started running down to the field.’
    • ‘But I would quite like my grandchildren to see what their naughty old grandma got up to.’
    • ‘When the family's grandchildren turned up, all of us kids would play together.’
    • ‘Now she has 14 grandchildren and thinks she makes a better grandparent than she was a mother.’
    • ‘Both her adult children work and she looks after her three grandchildren on an almost permanent basis.’
    • ‘My two grandchildren, a girl of six and a boy of nearly 10, have to share a bedroom.’
    • ‘Jennifer, who is married and has six grandchildren, has been visiting Bill daily.’
    • ‘Jessie had been babysitting for her grandchildren and had not had time to check the numbers herself.’
    • ‘The former primary school teacher is mother of three children, and has two grandchildren.’
    • ‘My children have been very supportive and I babysit my grandchildren nearly every day.’
    • ‘They have lived most of their lives here, and their children and grandchildren were born here.’
    • ‘Now she plans to use some of her winnings to start a college fund for her two grandchildren.’
    • ‘My mum loved her grandchildren and spent as much time as possible with them.’