Meaning of grandezza in English:



mass nounrare
  • Magnificent or stately appearance; grandeur.

    • ‘Despite its grandezza, it is not it is not interesting in terms of caves or mines.’
    • ‘Society went on excellently well without houses, or carriages, or jewels, or toilettes, or pavements, or shops, or grandezza of any sort.’
    • ‘in the 1590s he produced a comprehensive analysis of the grandezza of the Roman empire.’
    • ‘It is truly remarkable to observe the grandezza which Athens attained in the space of a hundred years.’
    • ‘If he be there at the arrival of the Plate-Fleet, he shall see such a Grandezza, that the Roman Monarchy in her highest florish never had the like.’
    spectacle, display, ceremony, ceremoniousness, magnificence, pomp, glory, splendour, grandeur, glamour, flourish, glitter, theatricality, drama, show, showiness


Early 17th century Italian, from grande ‘grand’.