Meaning of grandson in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡran(d)sʌn/

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  • The son of one's son or daughter.

    ‘She could not believe that her mother, who was devoted to her daughter and her two grandsons, would have ignored them in her will.’
    • ‘Carole's two daughters and her grandson are thrilled with the wedding plans.’
    • ‘I have 11 grandsons and five granddaughters and now I have my first great-granddaughter.’
    • ‘He has two daughters, both in their thirties, and grandsons.’
    • ‘Mr Blanchard has a daughter, Rosemary, and two grandsons, one of whom works on the farm.’
    • ‘He and Anne helped their daughter Emma bring up their grandson, Tom, when she was ill with depression.’
    • ‘Joining them will be son Graham, daughter Elaine, grandsons James, Ian, Scott and Lewis and great grandsons David and Alex.’
    • ‘His grandsons James, John and Robert, born in the 1850s, needed to be educated and two of them, John and Robert were sent to Harrow.’
    • ‘Gifts and symbols representing John's life were carried to the altar by his grandsons, Patrick, John and William.’
    • ‘During Mass her grandsons Richard and Adrian read the Readings.’
    • ‘The greeting comes with lots of love and best wishes from Sharon and Eugene and grandsons Malcolm, Maximilian and Maurice.’
    • ‘I spent many happy hours walking along the canal with my son, and then with my grandsons.’
    • ‘I'm married to Shirley and we have three sons and five grandsons.’
    • ‘As we walk around a lush, hilly paddock with his two grandsons, Quinn's obviously proud of what he's achieved so far.’
    • ‘The couple have a son, Graham, and two grandsons, Andrew and Jack.’
    • ‘In fact, I became a lot dafter (as did my husband) and we like doing silly things with our grandsons.’
    • ‘Mrs Bingley said she was looking forward to telling her grandsons about their father when they were older.’
    • ‘Mrs Chapman returned to an active retirement, spending time with her three grandsons and enjoying music and craft.’
    • ‘They have three children, Christine, Norman and Robert and two grandsons.’
    • ‘Our life over the last few years has revolved around our grandsons.’