Significado de graphical display en en inglés

graphical display


(also graphic display)
  • 1The images shown on a computer screen or other device.

    ‘the analysis can be presented in a graphical display’
    • ‘an intuitive graphic display provides users with at-a-glance information’
    • ‘To presume intuitive understanding of graphical displays is erroneous.’
    • ‘He was also working at giving users a graphical display to show them the classification of their query results.’
    • ‘I'm going to show you a graphical display of what's going on in the United States right now.’
    • ‘All statistics are shown, including IP address and a graphical display of throughput.’
    • ‘It's better than the previous calculator, being wider and with a broader range of graphical displays on offer.’
    • ‘Among the comments, pilots said that the graphical displays improved situational awareness.’
    • ‘Graphic displays of the research findings will allow the reader to quickly assimilate results.’
    • ‘This laboratory also demonstrates how graphic displays can be particularly instructive.’
    • ‘They will install more rapid computers, new communication links and modern graphic displays.’
    • ‘Simple descriptive statistics and graphic displays were used to display the data on implemented practices.’
    • ‘Technology must also improve so that graphic displays do not require a long time to download.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The process of presenting images on a computer screen or other device.
      ‘he has developed software for graphical display of data to aid in pattern recognition’
      • ‘the graphic display of data showed clinical significance in some parameters’
      • ‘That not only takes away from the amount of memory available to programs, it slows the graphics display.’
      • ‘The visualization mechanism permits the graphical display of an architectural model to be animated, thus enabling the model designer to validate the model operations.’
      • ‘This integrated suite of software facilities for data analysis and graphical display allows for the creation of an extensive and coherent collection of tools.’
      • ‘Most of this section dealt with text output, data forms, and tables, but the middle of the section focused on graphical display of data.’
      • ‘Technology now allows graphic display of an amazing amount of information, including a chart, radar, sonar, hull speed, wind velocity, and water temperature.’
      • ‘The result is an engine that handles graphic display better than HTML5 currently can.’
      • ‘The device provides flawless graphic display.’
      • ‘The database can handle quantitative or qualitative information, and data can be pulled automatically by researchers or by other sites for graphic display.’
      • ‘A clever sort algorithm provides graphical display of what's affecting what in the 16-deep modulation array.’
      • ‘Powerful graphical display tools and simple interfaces help the analysis and construction steps in a very intuitive way.’