Meaning of graphically in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrafɪkli/

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  • 1With clear and vividly explicit details.

    ‘the article graphically describes her ordeal’
    • ‘We have been graphically reminded of how fragile life is.’
    • ‘A glance at this year's festive schedules graphically illustrates comedy's demise.’
    • ‘The serious moral and legal consequences of drinking and driving are graphically depicted.’
    • ‘It depicts graphically the hospital scenes in London.’
    • ‘His success graphically underscores the human dimension of warfare.’
    • ‘His chilling account graphically chronicled how two dozen dot-coms may be looking at an early grave.’
    • ‘The film's sudden violent finale graphically depicts what had been suggested all along.’
    • ‘He spoke graphically about the last moments of his brother's life.’
    • ‘The havoc being wreaked on our streets and in homes by the demon drink was graphically captured.’
    • ‘None of the nightmare scenarios laid out so graphically by the tabloids materialised.’
  • 2By means of a visual image.

    ‘our design is represented graphically in Figure 1’
    • ‘To explain the details of the model, the different stages are displayed graphically as a flowchart in Figure 1.’
    • ‘This information can be easily portrayed graphically in a bubble chart with bullet comments.’
    • ‘If it were feasible to portray graphically all of these linkages, the resulting picture would be a bewildering but revealing three-dimensional portrait of a dynamic professional body in a time of accelerating opportunity.’
    • ‘The illustrations are intended to graphically highlight the complex and varied aspects of the experience.’
    • ‘An apple tree was used to graphically represent the model for the program.’
    • ‘The logo graphically represented a little flower with its center symbolizing the student.’
  • 3In the form of a graph.

    ‘clinical measurements are displayed graphically’
    • ‘Clinical measurements are displayed graphically on a normal personal computer.’
    • ‘At the completion of one of the tests the results window is displayed showing the data graphically and textually.’
    • ‘Sample outcome distributions for three key economic indicators were displayed numerically and graphically.’
    • ‘This section allows selected data variables for chosen authorities to be compared statistically or graphically.’
    • ‘There's a pie graph to graphically illustrate how space on that drive is allocated.’