Meaning of gravely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡreɪvli/

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  • 1To a degree that gives cause for alarm.

    ‘the economy has suffered gravely’
    • ‘he fell gravely ill’
    • ‘Margaret has lured Helen to England from Germany, ostensibly to visit their gravely ill aunt.’
    • ‘The organization of this piece is gravely flawed.’
    • ‘Six of the drivers were killed outright and nearly twice as many gravely injured.’
    • ‘Maximus escapes, but is gravely wounded and is soon captured by slave traders and taken to North Africa.’
    • ‘When he learns that his wife is gravely ill with a heart condition, Paul hatches a scheme.’
    • ‘Art dealers who think they can swindle the city and government out of sales tax revenue are discovering they are gravely mistaken.’
    • ‘They gravely misread his meaning.’
    • ‘I am gravely concerned about the lack of protection for our main water supply.’
    • ‘All this gravely endangers the freedom to make independent decisions and constitutes a threat to human dignity.’
    • ‘Lady Macbeth's tragedy is that she so gravely underestimates the strength of the good within her.’
  • 2In a serious or solemn manner.

    ‘the guard nodded gravely’
    • ‘Mr. Burden informs Jim gravely that Mr. Shimerda is dead.’
    • ‘"That didn't help at all. Confused me even more," he recalled, shaking his head gravely.’
    • ‘"Thank you," she said once, gravely, firmly.’
    • ‘"The more he became a Personality, the less like a person he felt," the narrator gravely observes.’
    • ‘"Listen," he says gravely, touching my arm.’
    • ‘"That's rough," he gravely acknowledged.’
    • ‘I nod gravely, and scoop her up in my arms.’
    • ‘Slowly and gravely his glance scanned me head to toe.’
    • ‘The butler bowed gravely.’
    • ‘The man nodded gravely, his economical gesture showing how important he considered the transaction.’