Meaning of green pick in English:

green pick


mass nounAustralian
  • New plant growth prompted by rainfall.

    ‘rain has been sporadic and just enough to encourage green pick’
    • ‘The feed from these plants—green pick is what it's called up here—is making a difference to our remaining merinos.’
    • ‘If the benefit gained by others (green pick for wallabies) enhances a future benefit for humans (fat wallabies), then there is a mutually life-enhancing dynamic.’
    • ‘Scattered rains have sprung a plague of grasshoppers on the town—with millions of the hoppers winging it to people's backyards for some green pick.’
    • ‘Vitamin C Is found in fresh greens in abundance, and it is a poor horse which has no access to green pick.’
    • ‘A bit of green pick has come away, but we would prefer to not touch it, because it affects the regrowth potential that we need for winter.’
    • ‘The green pick of this grass in certain areas has brought an increase in the risk of sheep staggers.’
    • ‘I travelled to Binnaway, where locusts are eating the green pick available, and Nevertire, where farmers are desperate for moisture in order to complete cropping.’
    • ‘He is looking at whether horses' natural inquisitiveness or desire for green pick in short pasture may increase the risk of eating contaminated material.’
    • ‘There are plenty of rural firefighters, foresters, and farmers that will appreciate a nice soaking and some green pick.’
    • ‘In both types, green pick was higher in burned areas, and green bunch grasses higher in unburned areas.’