Meaning of green salad in English:

green salad


  • A salad consisting chiefly of lettuce and other fresh green vegetables.

    ‘lunch is usually some fish and a green salad’
    • ‘A typical meal for me would be an ample supply of chicken with a very, very big green salad.’
    • ‘We want only the tenderest summer herbs for our green salads.’
    • ‘For a very reasonable 10.50 euros you'll get 7oz of prime beef burger served with green salad or French fries.’
    • ‘Eat the seeds fresh, sprinkle them on a green salad or stir them into hummus.’
    • ‘For lunch, Raitano favors a big green salad sprinkled with tuna or salmon.’
    • ‘With a big pile of mixed green salad on the side, this was a well-balanced meal.’
    • ‘Add parsley or coriander and serve with crusty bread and a green salad.’
    • ‘This dish would go well with a green salad for dinner, or serve it with fresh fruit for brunch.’
    • ‘After the meal came a much-appreciated dressed green salad that worked as a digestive.’
    • ‘Radicchio adds a delightful splash of color and a slightly spicy bite to green salads.’