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Pronunciación /ˈɡriːnbak/

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coloquial EEUU
  • A dollar bill; a dollar.

    ‘he's worth a boatload of greenbacks’
    • ‘What's more, risk-averse investors in the U.S. Treasury market are more prone to hedge their exposure to the dollar by selling greenbacks.’
    • ‘As the currency started to slip in May, companies with future-debt obligations denominated in dollars rushed to buy greenbacks.’
    • ‘The Australian dollar rose against the greenback for the 13th straight week.’
    • ‘A foreign exchange dealer said that the central bank was responsible for a large part of yesterday's drop, as it sold NT dollars heavily to buy greenbacks toward the session's close.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the appreciation of the NT dollar against the greenback will be beneficial in regulating the prices of imported goods and relieving potential inflation.’
    • ‘After all, as long as China and Japan pursue export-led growth by refusing to let the dollar fall against their own currencies, the greenback will avoid a huge decline.’
    • ‘Once outlawed as the currency of imperialism, greenbacks suddenly became not just accepted but necessary.’
    • ‘And a whopping 66 percent of overseas fund managers thought the greenback was still too dear, despite its recent decline.’
    • ‘But another persistent economic trend is gumming up the works: foreign producers aren't raising dollar prices, despite the greenback's sharp decline over the past year.’
    • ‘It was successful initially and the economy grew quickly, as investors deemed dealing in greenbacks a safer bet.’
    • ‘In a ‘dollarized’ economy - the US greenback and the Argentine peso have parity and are interchangeable - many of the city prices are surprisingly high.’
    • ‘‘We have obligations to our shareholders,’ says Helicar - as if a pile of greenbacks is worth more than someone's father, mother, sister, brother or child.’
    • ‘Every month, the Fed prints new greenbacks and distributes them to a select group of housing developers, giving the new money in proportion to how many houses a particular builder constructs in a given period.’
    • ‘‘The sharp drop in the stock market further shook investors' confidence and brought some retail buying of greenbacks,’ a dealer at a foreign bank said.’
    • ‘On the other hand, foreigners, stuck with unconvertible greenbacks since 1971, have had no choice but to adopt dollars, rather than gold, as the world's reserve asset.’
    • ‘Estimated price is somewhere between 200-250 thousand greenbacks.’
    • ‘Stars who were paid fifty grand in greenbacks at Carnegie Hall settled for thirty percent of that on the South Bank.’
    • ‘The greenback has fallen roughly 40 percent since its high point against the euro in October 2000.’
    • ‘The local unit has gained about 5 percent against the greenback this year.’
    • ‘He further threw his support behind China's insistence in pegging the yuan close to 8.28 to the greenback.’
    cash, hard cash, ready money