Meaning of Greenlandic in English:


Pronunciation /ɡriːnˈlandɪk/


mass noun
  • A dialect of the Inuit language that is one of the official languages of Greenland, the other being Danish.

    ‘For the vast majority of the 600 students at Gammeqarfik, their first language is Greenlandic, a dialect of Inuktitut.’
    • ‘Harry Potter has been translated into 60 languages including Greenlandic, Welsh, Basque and Macedonian.’
    • ‘The people of Greenland speak Greenlandic, a language that is similar to the one spoken by native Canadian people.’
    • ‘Lulie's name comes from the Greenlandic word for iceberg, iluliaq.’
    • ‘The official language is based on West Greenlandic, a form of General Eskimo, and is classed as a separate language because of its official position and special literary development.’